Event Planning and Conference Management

The complex demands of a one-day or multi-day event are met by the efficiencies of the specialized IAMI staff. Count on seamless events from start to finish for your annual meetings and conventions, seminars, workshops, and Board and committee meetings. Our ongoing relationships with hospitality industry sources will benefit your organization. When it comes to total event management, no detail is too small to anticipate. We can even integrate sponsorship activities or field demonstrations to enhance your exhibition or trade show. Producing a smooth-running exhibition is the goal, and IAMI 's experience is the key factor to success. Specific services include:

Identifying suitable location and site facilities for presenting a high-quality event to participants.

Negotiating all facility contracts to provide suitable accommodations and meeting facilities for participants and program activities, ensuring the most cost-effective options are available for conference participants.

Coordinating with conference site host committee and local volunteers to assist with arrangements for events and activities.

Ensuring that site facility needs are communicated to facility managers so conference program needs are met.

Monitoring and managing all event costs and arrangements to ensure cost effectiveness and achieve revenue goals.

Arranging for local media coverage of suitable conference events.

Providing a headquarters for telephone and mail contact by attendees, exhibitors and others for the event.

Providing telephone line, fax number and e-mail, answered during regular business hours.

Developing a marketing plan to assure quality of meeting and attendance.

Coordinating meeting schedule with hotel, including room set-up, food and beverage counts, breaks and registration area.

Providing staff and services at on-site registration desk.

Assembling and distributing meeting packets including badges, tickets, programs and other conference materials.

Acceptance of all registration forms, input data, provide timely updates to event committee members as requested.

Receiving, tracking and recording all event income and expenses.

Invoicing and collecting all accounts receivable, including follow-up to secure collection.

Providing an annual event summary report, including financials, membership data, registration data, etc. to executive committee.

Creating, distributing and collecting evaluations of each event.

Raising funds through sponsorships, booth space, raffle sales and auctions. top