Government Relations, Consulting, and other Special Projects

Many associations have specific needs for government relations, lobbying, consulting or other projects on a full-time or as-needed basis. IAMI can provide lobbying services to monitor legal issues pertinent to your organization or consulting advice that tailors solutions to individual situations and individual country’s requirements. Additionally, IAMI has experience in a variety of special project areas such as managing scholarship programs, fundraising activities and walk-a-thons. Other areas in which IAMI assists its client-partners are:

Identify and analyze the need for public policy development activities.

Identify and foster advocacy sources that support the profession or industry and implement association-sponsored advocacy programs.

Recommend and implement public policy programs.

Plan, implement, and evaluate government relations programs consistent with board-approved policies.

Monitor city, state, and national legislation and regulations.

Determine the need for, and feasibility of, grass roots activities and implement and evaluate such activities.

Develop a management plan specific to fundraising.

Develop criteria for establishing foundations and endowments within the not-for-profit legal structure. top