Communication and Public Relations – Media Relations

IAMI staff can assist in the development, design, production and copyrighting of publications, making sure the design matches your association's identity. This consistency is maintained throughout media relations, press releases, press conferences and advertising arranged on behalf of your association. We also have experience in developing customized marketing materials and helping organizations identify new markets. Strategies IAMI uses include:

Defining the scope of the market and identifying target segments and key stakeholder groups in building membership and customers.

Identifying the association’s unique value proposition, preferred positioning and distinctive brand.

Developing and implementing a marketing plan to support the association’s positioning and branding, enhancing membership recruitment and retention efforts, and promoting programs, products, and services.

Identifying the target groups and individuals that must be positively influenced to achieve the goals of the association.

Planning, implementing, and evaluating a credible public relations education and information program to positively influence groups and individuals.

Developing a crisis communications and management plan.

Managing and executing appropriate responses to media inquiries.

Evaluating consumer and trade media outlets (e.g., television, radio, print, web-based) and developing and implementing media approaches to advance the association’s goals.

Integrating the publications program to achieve the editorial mission and developing a variety of publications, media programs and delivery systems to meet the diverse needs and interest of members and stakeholders.

Identifying the need for technical journals and publications in specific areas of association interests.

Developing a publication management system with appropriate editorial and peer review structure.

Managing or outsourcing publications and other media and determining the most effective and feasible publication format based on the type of information, time sensitivity, and intended audience. top