Technology and Information Services

Every association's technology requirements are unique. That's why IAMI specializes in using a customized approach. Our staff has the experience and technical expertise to analyze current systems, recommend enhancements, if needed, and provide needed solutions through partnerships with industry leaders in association software development. We provide you only what you need now, but with the scalability necessary for growth and change. This allows for greater flexibility when it comes to individual association needs. IAMI will:

Identify and contract for technology consultation and technical support services.

Determine the appropriate information technology system (i.e., information systems, databases, communication technologies, web technologies) needed to support association goals and activities.

Oversee the selection, purchase, installation, maintenance, and upgrading of information technology.

Conduct ongoing analysis to confirm that information technology systems are performing in line with staff and member needs and expectations.

Develop and implement policies and procedures to maintain system security and integrity.

Identify areas in which new technology tools can improve design, development, and delivery of products and services.