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Tools to Ensure a Successful Event

Whether you are interested in IAMI's full service association management services or just need some technical support, these tools will ensure you have a successful event.

Registration System

Custom-built online exhibitor registration system that allows exhibitors reserve the booth(s) of their choice and maintain that information until the day of the event. Also a powerful marketing tool for potential attendees.

Online Silent Auction

IAMI has created an Online Silent Auction with email/text alerts when outbid. It has a built-in registration/login/password retrieval system but we can also make it work with your current login system. There are many admin options including adding/editing Categories or Items and running reports.

Resource Center / Library

IAMI has created an online Resource Center/Library that allows users to download different resources. You can also mark each resource as Member Only or available to anyone. Logged-in users can rate, comment, or share resources to social media. The Resource Center also allows users to upload resources that are then approved or denied by your admins.

Exceptional Customer Service

Our Strategy for providing exceptional constomer service includes:

  • Cultivating close and ongoing lines of communication
  • Listening carefully to your needs and ambitions
  • Answering phones and emails within 24 hours

Delivering Quality Programs

Our Strategy for delivering quality prorams includes:

  • Working closely with leadership to achieve short and long-term goals
  • Developing a menu of services based on your current and evolving needs
  • Using project management skills to ensure successful outcomes