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With more than 30 years of
international association management experience

IAMI is a unique association management firm composed of a team of highly experienced professionals with more than 30 years of international association management experience; 20 years in business continuity, disaster recovery, emergency management, physical and information security experience; and a combined 100 years of certification and educational involvement that spans the globe.

Focusing on associations that support resiliency
Our focus is on associations providing services that support organizational resiliency. We believe that the experienced staff of IAMI can deliver the expertise your organization needs to not only provide the services required, but to ensure your organization is at the cutting edge by using “real” industry technicians and association management professionals with a vested interest in the area. Hence, immediate benefits are available to your organization through industry contacts and collaboration.

Offering the finest in operations, support and leadership
IAMI is committed to offering the finest in operations, support and leadership to our association customers. We have the passion, experience, and vitality needed to successfully manage organizations dedicated to making a better world. We bring together a core of experts focused on such vital areas as membership management, professional development, event management, certification, marketing, and technology. Our staff is dedicated to providing day-to-day operations to build life long membership while the volunteer leadership focuses on advancing the cause of the association. “Your growth is the key to our success”