Board and Committee Support

As Board members, your energy is best spent on determining the policies and direction for your organization and defining working guidelines. Relying on IAMI's strengths and experience allows you to focus on the big picture without getting absorbed in the details. Services include:

  1. Assist in developing Board meeting agenda, distribute meeting notices and minutes, arrange site for Executive Committee meetings including meeting rooms, lodging, and meals.

  2. Attend Meetings

  3. Maintain all association records.

  4. Assist in committee activities, including planning, correspondence and conference calls.

  5. Monitor timetable of association activities, ensuring follow through by board members and committee leadership

  6. Assist committees with the development of policies and other functions, e.g. maintenance of a Committee Chair and Board Handbook, Code of Conduct, Conflict of Interest policies, etc.

  7. Assist board and committee chairs in ordering/coordinating awards, plaques, and certificates consistent with company design and logo requirements

  8. Guide and counsel board on office operations, services, and program management