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Professional Development Programs

The IAMI team has experience in working with many different types of organizations to provide the most diversified educational opportunities for their members. In fact, one of our founders wrote the legal and contractual components of the Association Industry’s handbook on the topic, Core Competencies in Association Professional Development.

We work closely with appropriate committees to recruit the top speakers for your conferences, seminars, instructor-led, or online educational opportunities, and are always available to advise on new and innovative ways to ensure the highest quality educational experience. IAMI will help your members achieve their professional development goals by:

  1. Identifying the diverse information needs and preferences of the association’s membership.

  2. Developing, implementing, and managing a knowledge management program to advance your association’s goals and objectives and serve member information needs.

  3. Utilize knowledge management systems to share leading edge profession or industry learning, insight, and best practices and deliver high-quality products and services with speed, efficiency, and effective customer service.

  4. Assemble, review and repackage information in a timely fashion for customized responses to request for information.

  5. Evaluate and plan the use of multiple methods and delivery systems (e.g., face-to-face seminars, distance learning, self-directed learning, and web-based courses.)

  6. Develop and enhance the content of professional development products and integrate various delivery systems.

  7. Incorporate an understanding of the conditions necessary for successful adult learning into the planning and development of professional development offerings.

  8. Plan and implement procedures and preventative education to help members maintain compliance with laws and regulations.