Financial and Budgeting Support

IAMI believes it is important for your organization to be run like a business. It should strive to make annual positive revenue growth, allowing for reinvestment in new programs and member benefits. Providing relevant comparison financial statements that are customized to your needs, we work with you to develop realistic annual budgets and monitor actual performance to these budgets. Services include:

  1. Identify, retain, and/or manage accounting services.

  2. Develop and establish policies and procedures to ensure strong internal financial controls.

  3. Assist with the preparation of annual budget.

  4. Maintain financial records and submit monthly financial statements to treasurer.

  5. Prepare bank deposits.

  6. Reconciliation of bank statements and notify Treasurer of any discrepancies.

  7. Receive, verify, and prepare checks for payment of bills in accordance with association policies and procedures.

  8. Assist Treasurer and Finance Committee with preparation of federal tax return and annual report, and regular finance reports.

  9. Support independent audits.