Registration Systems

IAMI provides a quality event from the first day of registration until the after the last guest leaves. Our custom-built online exhibitor registration system allows exhibitors to reserve the booth(s) of their choice and maintain that information until the day of the event. Also a powerful marketing tool for potential attendees. Exhibitors are in control of where they are located as they can choose their space. This reduces complaints and increases satisfaction. They are empowered to decide how many booths to reserve, who they want to be near, or not near! Potential attendees can download the exhibitor guide before the show to determine who they want to visit and contact at the show.

Exhibitor Registration System

  1. Live registration system using Google Maps custom image/pins

  2. Temporary hold so the Exhibitor has 15 minutes to put their information in before anyone else can try to register that booth

  3. Terms & Conditions page that needs to be accepted before it allows booth registration. The terms and conditions is the contract to pay for the booth(s) within 60 days.

  4. Information is always up to date as each map load pulls directly from the database

  5. Listing of Exhibitors and their information underneath the booth map. Clicking the company name or booth number will show their location on the map. Also links to company website – exhibitors love it!

  6. There are different contact fields, one is for who is going to be at the actual show day of (this is also who shows in the listing underneath the live map) and the person to contact for questions about their booth like payment etc. (this is who accepts the Terms & Conditions before registering booth).

  7. Booth Editing – Each reservation confirmation includes a link for the exhibiting company to edit everything except the Company Name on their booths (can close these via admin panel at any time with one click). They can’t edit Company Name so they can’t “resell” their booth themselves.

  8. The online exhibitor guide can be downloaded into an excel spreadsheet and sorted by type of product/service provided by NYSCC attendees. Again – exhibitors and attendees love it!

  9. Brokers – Brokers can be setup to have control over a “block” of booths. Can be any booth numbers, it doesn’t have to be a literal block. They will then have access to change all booth information for those including Company Name. They also have access to all the edit links for their booths so they can assign and give them to their brokered companies as needed. The broker can also choose if their broker name appears in parenthesis behind the booth on map, booth list, and printed guide.

  10. Payment Options - After registering the booth they will be brought to a Pay Now page which has options for a. Credit Card: Paypal or if you have a different payment system in place we can try to work with it to accept payments. We’ve used Netforum Avectra and in the past for other customers. b. Check: We have a custom built PDF invoice Generator which can include a header image provided by you and any text can be edited to your liking

Admin Site

We can provide access to the admin site to representatives from the Suppliers’ Day Committee if of interest to you.

  1. Booth Editing- Can edit any booth, any field.

  2. Brokers – Create/edit broker accounts and assign booths to the broker accounts.

  3. Payment Tracking – Payments entered are tied directly to the booth so it is easy to see who hasn’t paid. There are different payment fields for the different booth items (Examples from some of our other sites are Broker Deposit, Broker Reserved Payment, Booth Payment, Gray Carpet, Blue Carpet, and Electricity).

  4. Contact Attempt Tracking – There is an area on each booth to enter when and who contacted them for payments, issues, etc.

  5. Downloadable Reports a. Booth list: Includes all registered booths and also what has been paid for each. b. Booth Contact List: This downloads a list of who to contact about the booth (entered during Terms & Conditions page) c. Unpaid Booths: List of all booths that haven’t been paid for yet d. Attendee List: This downloads all attendees that have registered

  6. Quick Stats – 100% live stats on the booths or attendees. Defaults are below with an example behind them, but if you have something else you want added let us know and we’ll look into it. (numbers from CSIFT are shared as examples)

    1. Booths Registered: There are 398/540 (74%) booths registered.

    2. Booths Marked as Active (if you need to remove some booth pins you can do so): There are 540/547 (99%) booths marked as active.

    3. Booths Registered by Brokers: There are 133/398 (25%) booths registered by brokers.

    4. Booth Edits: 103/219 (47%) unique booth numbers edited. 113/219 (52%) were edited by brokers (Can only edit Company Name). 97/219 (44%) were edited by users. 9/219 (4%) were edited by the Business Office.

    5. Unpaid Booths: There are 50/398 (13%) booths that haven’t been paid.

    6. Attendee Stats: There are 99 attendees registered. There are 50 unique addresses after the @ symbol in all attendee emails.

  7. One click toggles – There are 1 click options for the following

    1. Maintenance Mode: Allows the site to be live but not viewable by others whenever needed (an example is while setting the system up). It will display a message to the user (configurable to whatever you want) if they view the site during this time.

    2. Booth Registration: Open or Closed so you can allow users to view the map before registrations open to choose possible booths ahead of time (another reason for the temporary hold on the booths, so they aren’t stolen from someone who types slow).

    3. Booth Editing: Open or Closed so booth data can be locked in (except for admin edits,this does not disable those) as an example when getting a printed guide ready for the show you don’t want a booth registrant changing their information after the booth list is downloaded.

    4. Attendee Registrations: Open or Closed – can close them before downloading final attendee list so people aren’t missed if badges are printed ahead of time.

Website Management of Suppliers’ Day Event Pages

In addition to the exhibitor registration webpages, IAMI can create and manage all of the webpages related to the Suppliers’ Day event. This includes attendee information such as day of event information, hotel information, and registration for any other events that are part of Suppliers’ Day.

Marketing, Sponsorship Solicitation, & Attendee Support

A successful event is tied directly to marketing efforts. IAMI staff will use whatever emarketing tool used by the Great Lakes Section to encourage exhibitors as well as attendee registration. We can also assist with solicitation of sponsorship income to offset expenses.

Marketing, Sponsorship Solicitation, & Attendee Support

A successful event is tied directly to marketing efforts. IAMI staff will use whatever emarketing tool used by the Great Lakes Section to encourage exhibitors as well as attendee registration. We can also assist with solicitation of sponsorship income to offset expenses.

Day of Event Support

IAMI will provide two staff personnel to manage your day of event needs from exhibitor set up to badge creation and distribution to taking pictures, to assisting with any symposium needs and evening dinner support. We have onsite badge printers so that walk-ins have the same badge as those who register ahead of time.
Something new we are working on is a badge scanning system/app where exhibitors can scan the badges of the attendees and the attendees can scan a sign provided to the exhibitors with their information downloadable.

Volunteer Support & Coordination

Although not noted as a billable item, coordination and communication between the IAMI staff and the Section volunteers is essential. IAMI will schedule monthly meetings at a minimum to provide updates on booth sales, attendee registrations, sponsorship sales, speaker updates, and any other items that emerge. We will use GoToMeeting as the primary communication tool in addition to regular emails and phone calls as needed. After the event, IAMI will provide a summary report to provide a historical record of the event and that can be used as a baseline for future planning.